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Within the scope of its development strategy the ASG-EMA Foundation has decided to campaign for an appeal to contribution.

Arts and crafts workshop since 1946, the museum has become over the years an inevitable place for the inhabitants of Lyon, the schoolboys and schoolgirls of the region and the tourists. Thanks to its location in the heart of the Old Lyon and of UNESCO’s world heritage it is an exceptional place favourable to imagination and creation.

The purpose of this appeal to contribution is to help the development of the museum while keeping low admission fees appropriate to schoolchildren and families.

The Foundation plans to organize the development of the museum into 4 main priorities :

- Acquire new skills in staging and lighting the automatons with an internship policy and skills transfers

- Increase the links with ingeneering applied research to promote the integration of new automatons systems among the original collections from the 1940’s

- Renovate the ground floor of the building next to the museum to convert it into an auditorium and an exchanges and communication room

- Develop the international visibility of the museum thanks to the establishment of cooperative agreements with foreign counterparts and the opening to new space of exhibition

The strong will of development that motivates the Foundation and the museum team will not be possible without your support.

This support can take various shapes such as contributions as expertise (Arts scene, mechanical and electronic ingeneering, museography…), equipment, donation, or long-term sponsorship agreement.

In return the Foundation would like you to be included to the undertaken projects while offering you an original means of communication and perpetual skills opportunity.





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69245 Lyon cedex 05
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