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The museum opened in 1991, but its history started in 1946…



Establishment of a workshop to the construction of electro-mechanical automatons by Augustine, Georges, and their son Robert EMA.

These automatons are made to be sold or rent for the animation of shop-windows, for Christmas... But as the years are passing by, the tradition vanishes and the orders become scarce. Robert EMA decides to open an exhibition to develop the activity.



Opening of the museum, on December 8, 1991.

About one hundred automatons are exposed over 4 rooms. The production of automatons continues in the workshop and many new animated scenes are created.

In 1997, the museum presents a collection of 250 automatons spread out over 20 scenes, and 7 rooms.



AS Robert EMA doesn’t have any children, he works on the creation of a foundation to donate his automatons and save his collection.

On May 15, 2007, the museum is recognized of public utility, and the ASG-EMA Foundation is created to ensure the continued existence of the activity.



The museum is now administered by the ASG-EMA Foundation.

The museum team keeps creating automatons in the workshop, on demand, for the decoration of the shop-windows, and also for the museum to improve the scenes and increase the collection.

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